Our Story

Like most inventions, TheShadyBreeze came about from the imagination of a child.  I was at a soccer tournament for my 9 yr old daughter in the middle of the summer in Virginia.  Hot and humid with no wind left me overheated and unable to enjoy watching my daughter play. After her match, as we were walking back to the car, she said I should get a chair with a fan in it.  At that “Ah Ha” moment, TheShadyBreeze was born. I love to tinker so this was the perfect challenge for me! I took portable fans and several chairs with canopy’s and cobbled together the first ShadyBreeze.  This was truly a family endeavor as my 2 kids really enjoyed helping me perfect the chair. I was able to teach them how to sew and even think “outside the box”. One of the proudest moment’s was when I was trying to figure out a better placement for the 2 D batteries to sit.  My 11 yr old (at the time) asked why i didn’t use something smaller like what I charge my phone with (a USB Power Pack). Smaller, lighter, rechargeable and environmentally friendly was a perfect solution. Which brings us to the current version of TheShadyBreeze. As many have said, there has been no revolutionary changes to chairs in decades.  Not that I would expect something you sit on to take giant evolutionary steps but, this is a truly unique addition in the long history of Chairs!