About Us

About The Shady Breeze

Every journey has a starting point and ours began on the soccer field.  As the thermometer passed 90 degrees, friends and families cheered young Maddy and her 9-year old teammates on the soccer field.  Dozens of traditional folding chairs were spread across the sidelines, but none offered relief from the scorching temperatures.  During a timeout, Maddy asked her dad, "why can't your chair have a roof and fan"?  From that question, The MFB Group was created and The Shady Breeze outdoor chair was born.  Now everyone can have a Shady Breeze, making activities and events more comfortable and enjoyable.


Creating innovative outdoor seating solutions that make your outdoor activities and events more enjoyable.


It's all about your comfort.  We want each of our customers to savor the outdoors and be comfortable at the same time. Whether you're at a sporting event, tailgating, poolside or at the beach, our objective is to give you an incredible experience that is both enjoyable and comfortable.


Our philosophy is simple and clear.  We will bring each of our customers and partners a product that doesn't create the event, but makes it more enjoyable and comfortable.  Our team is committed to bring you the best, because nothing else is acceptable.


The Shady Breeze collapsible fan chair provides each user a unique experience that protects and cools them from the harsh rays and heat of the sun. We own the patent on our chairs unique design and with the creativity and commitment of our entire team and partners, we will continue to bring to market products that exceed the expectations of each and every user.